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24 / 7

The 24/7 Vegas Watchdog Headline Of The Hour Contest

Each day 24 contestants will be given ONLY ONE chance to correctly state the current headline of the hour on the page. Contestants will be selected from the list of individuals who have emailed in their names and phone numbers, those encountered in person within the Las Vegas Valley and by random phone choices inside and outside the State of Nevada.

The contestant first wins $25.00 and can choose to risk it and try to double his or her $25.00 by answering one more question on that same page or related links off that page and the question could be about the headline, the related news story or information available from links related to the sponsor ad websites above and below the news story. The person must answer in sixty seconds and can only state the answer once out loud. If a contestant fails to answer correctly or not in the time limit given, he or she will lose all of their previous winnings.

If a contestant chooses to risk it and answers correctly then he or she has won $50.00.

Then he or she has a chance to double that amount by answering correctly a third question related to that page. The contestant will have thirty seconds to answer the third question and can only state it once out loud. If he or she fails to answer correctly or not in the time limit given, the contestant will lose all of his or her previous winnings.

If the third question is answered correctly and in the time limit given, the person will receive $100.00 for the final prize.

All final decisions concerning the correct answers given by contestants in the exact time allowed will be made by the Senior Editor or an Official Member of the Vegas Watchdog Daily News publication. This contest is a promotion of The Vegas Watchdog Daily News and is conducted for purposes of showing appreciation for this publication's readership.