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Cooksey & Associates
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Exclusively Featuring Characteristic and Trait Determination Through Name Power Potential, Primary and Secondary Color Personality Harmonics, Visual Focus Assessment, Visagenetics, Stealth Body Language Evaluation and Other Original Testing Techniques Designed and Created By Cooksey & Associates For Legal & Corporate Firm Projects, Human Resource Departments, Jury Selection Assignments, Personal Relationship Reports and Media Investigations.
Click Here To Go To The NAME POWER POTENTIAL ID Codes And Match Them To The Codes You Were Assigned By The Cookseys During The Assessment And Evaluation Of Your Name.

Click Here: To Go To PERSONALITY PROFILERS OF AMERICA Those who received one of our recent profiles at a live event in Las Vegas may compare the numbers given to you by the personality profile consultant for a more complete understanding of what just the brief personality testing information you were asked to provide revealed to the analyst about your personal traits and characteristics.

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