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The First Thoughts Of One Day Being Able To Have The Liberty To Establish A Publication Like The Vegas Watchdog Daily News And Worldwide Newswire Service Came To This Publisher, Editor, Reporter And Chief Bottle Washer Back In January Of 1968 As I Struggled To Pull My '62 Ford Econoline Through Those Tight Curves Of The Dam And Up To The Top Crest Of The Valley Barely Making It In Second Gear And I Saw It With My Own Eyes...THE CITY! Scenes From Movies And TV Had Not Done It Justice. Before I Ever Reached Fremont Street Or The Strip, I Knew This Valley Would Have A Tremendous Effect On The Rest Of My Life. That Was And Is The Understatement Of A Century. As You Read The Vegas Watchdog In Future Issues, It Will Be Clear That The Happenings In The Valley Are Being Presented By Someone Who Has Had A Love Affair With Las Vegas For Over 37 Years. I Shall Attempt To Spotlight The Things That Make Vegas Vegas, Create A General Awareness About Those Who Are Trying To Destroy What Makes Vegas Vegas And Defend, Protect And Continually Inflate The World's Outrageous Image Perception That Makes Vegas Vegas To The Absolute Height Of My Ability's Potential.

The Vegas Watchdog Will Call Things Exactly As They Are. You Will See Very Little Fluff And Yet The Truth Will Be Presented In a Firm But Entertaining Manner. No Favorites Will Be Allowed To Cloud The Waters. If The Vegas Watchdog Thinks Someone Is Selling Vegas Out, Then That Person Will Be Showcased Objectively And Then Tarred And Feathered In The Public Square. The Focus Will Not Be On The Negativity, But Rather Positively Holding Everything And Everyone Involved At Full Accountabilty.

Only One Thing Really Makes Vegas Vegas....THE PEOPLE, Past And Present. The Real Story Is With, About And Who These People Were And Are. Finding Out All We Can About The People Who Make The News Will Be Our 100% Accent. But We Still Want To Make It Fun. So Be Prepared For Some Tongue n' Cheek Humor And Thought Provoking Questions When We Ask People To Speak Up And Tell The World How They Feel....About Everyone And Everything.

Happy Reading, Wild Bill Cooksey
Publisher And Senior Editor