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Now You Will Finally Know
What Really Makes You TICK!
Below You Will Find All The
Given To You By Cooksey:
This Quick Scan Deals With Less Than 10% Of The Over 300 Specific Features Evaluated In A Full BRAIN-SCAN Report. So When You See How Much Info The Quick Scan Reveals, Just Imagine The Knowledge You Will Have When The Other 90% Of The Analysis Features Are Presented In The Complete Report. Click Here To Contact The Vegas Profiler Today So He Can Get Started On Yours Today!

A = You are very selective and discriminating in making decisions. You prefer to wait and see before acting quickly. You like to apply things to a mental type of framework before taking action on any matter.

B = As an informal, but mentally quick thinker, you naturally tend to have a "DO IT NOW" approach. In order to make sure that you get to express your own opinions, you may find yourself interrupting others.

C = You just cannot help the fact that you always want to be RIGHT. You evaluate everything very carefully. You are not happy unless your desire to be mentally in control of all situations is being satisfied.

D = You relate best on a personal level and you connect directly with individuals.

E = Without all the facts, you refuse to make any important decision. Your logic and mental expertise give you an edge on dealing with others in a fair and balanced manner.

F = You are in a constant lock down in allowing anyone to invade your space on the planet. No one enters without an appointment into your life and even then you may cancel. Your motto is "Don't call me. I'll call you."

G = You can be negotiable as to when you allow others to get close to you. If at all possible, you will accept requests for intimacy when the timing fits in your schedule.

H = You are a very passionate person who cannot control the bonding process within you that does not wish to be away from anyone or anything that has captured your heart. You want to be chained to whatever you love.

I = As a good provider, you insist on supporting your loved ones financially and emotionally. You find it very easy to share all you have with those you love.

J = Because you cannot help but be so independent, you seldom receive the support you deserve from others in your projects and goals. It may be that they feel you exhibit such strength that they do not think you will need any assistance from them.

K = You are an excellent performer in your efforts to get the job done. You are a hard worker. No one gets the job done as well as you do with your determination to finish what you have begun.

L = You want to have a major impact on situations and the lives of others. Your greatest desire may be for you to always be in a position of authority.

M = You must be in control of your work environment and direct the priority and pace of all situations in order to be happy.

N = Your lifestyle is dominated by the attitude of "Live in the here and now". You can be very spontaneous and insist on getting instant gratification from every situation.

O = You are naturally suspicious about everything and skeptical concerning new concepts and people you do not know.

P = People know you as solid and dependable even during hard times. Because you are not a guilible person, you are not easily fooled by fads and smooth talkers.

P-2 = You show that you have a great sense of humor.

Q-1= You have a special gift for sizing things up mentally in a detailed process of organization. Your analytical abilities are so natural to you that you cannot imagine that everyone else does not take the same pains in accessing everything also.

Q-2= You set high goals for yourself in life, as well you should. Because you have a special gift in "getting whatever you go after with your whole heart." Only a select few display this unique facial feature that marks a person who is destined

Q-3=You clearly show that when you have accomplished a special task you are proud of, you absolutely must have the praise of others to keep yourself inspired to take on the next task.

Q-4= You have suffered personal, extensive emotional loss throughout your life that others may not have viewed as that big a deal. But you knew how deeply the pain had affected you and many hours of your time was spent trying to heal internally. Today when you experience situations that remind you of your former emotional pain, you actually begin to anticipate how the turmoil will feel long before it happens in reality.

Q-5= You have encountered real, physical loss in your life that has challenged your abilities to rise above the grieving. You may still bear some of the scars, but you have learned through much pain to rise above it all to become a survivor with a stronger testimony than most people.

R = You are outspoken with feelings that can only be expressed verbally.

S = You can be very persuasive. You have a great need to give love unconditionally.

T = You are very cool, reserved and mistrust flattery from anyone.

U = You naturally restrain from expressing yourself before others without first sizing up how your words will effect the person's future responses to you. You also feel awkward and find it hard to reciprocate when someone does something nice for you.

V = You are a strongly dedicated person mainly motivated by causes and ideas you totally believe in.
W = You are a good adversary and not easily intimidated.

X = You tend to avoid conflicts and do not wish to go into battle over something, as you prefer peace. You have very high ethical standards.

Y = You have a deep, compassionate concern for people in your daily life. You enjoy fun group activities, good food and the best of life's comforts.

Z.1 = You present an image to the world of being stable, dependable and well grounded, not overly aggressive, but a person who can command the ship without being overbearing.

Z.2 = You are known as one who gathers info rapidly. You have a DO IT NOW approach. You refuse to wait very long for things to fall in place and you must see results quickly.

Z.3 = You gather info carefully. Your DO IT RIGHT approach has helped you become a more patient listener as you are willing to have every piece of data available presented to you before making a final decision.

Z.4 = You are very kind, receptive and generous.
Z.5 = You have found it best to trust in self and learn best if it can be seen as well as heard.


111 =   You have great strength and power, much confidence in self, and not fearful when confronted with a challenge. (B)

222 =   Being physically comfortable is important to you. You deal best with others in a person to person relationship. You love activities with groups and no one enjoys good food more than you. (R)

333 = You display a unique combination of strength and confidence but without the rough edges generally associated with an athletic type person who is all physical and overpowering. Your persona glows with a beacon of tact and magnetism making people desire to want to be in your company with hopes of more than just a temporary relationship. You beam a message of being firm but tender with a non-gender softness that manifests as your controlling strength over the responses of others. (O)

444 =   You are excellent at making peace in difficult situations. You have the ability to pursue goals and projects with tremendous tenacity. (W)

555 =   You exhibit a very quick mind, tend to be impatient much of the time, feel fear and must guard against being controlled by feelings of danger and guilt. (N)

666 =   You do not like rigid systems. You are original in ideas and methods. You possess great imagination in and out of reality. (EX)

777 =   Your good memory is one of your greatest assets. You are a quick learner. You prefer to work with proven methods. (SL)

888 =   Your thinking processes are straight as an arrow. You follow a step by step pattern in finding solutions. You can retain knowledge for a very long time. (S8)

999 = You have a natural gift for putting things in their proper place as you find it difficult to see necessary things out of order. One look at you and everyone knows you are the person to call on when organization is needed. (FL)

1000= You have the special charisma appearance that makes every eye turn your way when you walk into a room. You stand out in a crowd with the same commanding persona seen on the faces of models and movie stars. Be careful though as you will find some people will say cruel things about you, but it is only motivated by envy. (AGJ)

1001 = Your face denotes clearly that either you are under a tremendous amount of stress and pressure caused by emotional loss and abuse over a long period of time, or you have recently undergone a major battle with personal health issues and your challenge is to now focus on more rest and proper treatment. (SK)