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Thanks, George, for the message about doing a story on politicians.
I shall include links below to several reports that are already up on the net.
Since I would prefer to give you full length reports on what makes the politicians tick, I will let you tell me which ones are at the top of your list in your current investigations.
And then as you acquire several signatures and hopefully two or three sentences of writing samples for each one, I promise to use all of my resources in providing you with multiple, detailed text, graphs and color chart reports on each person.

Rather than send the writing samples as attachments, it is always best for me if they are place on a website and the URL is sent to me in email.
Now here are three that are already up on the web:

EH the Judge The Judge

Dina Titus Report From A Writing Sample One Month Before The Election

Because Mr. Gibbons' People Did Not Provide Me With A Requested Writing Sample, I Only Had His Signature On His Own Website To Use For Evaluation.

Therefore, I Felt It Best Just To Do A Comparision Of The Two Candidates Instead Of A Full Report On Mr. Gibbons. However, I Would Be Delighted To Have As Many Samples Of Mr. Gibbons' Writing As Possible To Prepare A Complete Report On Him Individually...Especially Now That So Many Red Flags Have Been Raised, The More Current The Samples Provided, The Better.
Here Is The Comparison Of Gibbons And Titus A Few Weeks Before The Election.

Again, Please Note That The Larger The Selection Of Samples Provided, The More Accurate Overview The Report Will Show On What Makes A Person Tick.

Please Review The Numerous Full Reports On People Like Donald Trump, Rosie O'Donnell, Jay Leno, The Idol Judges, Martha Stewart And Even Scott AND LACI Peterson All Presented On My Website At .
Although I Prefer To Have A Generous Selection Of Writing Samples, I Am Not Shy In Presenting A Report For Evaluation On Exactly What Is Provided.
You May Provide One Set Of Writing Samples At A Time Or Place Them All On A Website At Once. I Will Happily Complete The Reports As You Let Me Know Which Ones Are Most Time Sensitive For The Current Stories You Are Working On.
If You Personally Would Just Like To Know What Makes Someone Of Interest TICK, Then Please Express This In Your Correspondence. All The Reports Do Not Have To Be Made Public Especially If They Are Provided For You As Part Of Your Investigative Process. One Characteristic Tendency That Shows Up In The Writing Can Give You The Info You Need To Know Exactly Which Buttons To Push When Doing A Live Interview With The Person Who Is The Subject Of Your Story. This Works Extremely Well For Attorneys Who Need To Have A Hostile Witness Give Testimony On The Stand That Can Be Advantageous To The Client.
When Corresponding With Me, It Is Best To Use The Email Addresses Found On or . I Look Forward To Providing You With Some Valuable Insights That Will Benefit You And Your Team's Future Investigations. "TVP...EIS..."
"If Someone Thinks Like George...Does That Make That Person Knappy-Headed?" mmmm?