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Evicting a tenant lawfully is very expensive and can cause many problems for property management personnel.

Have you ever had second thoughts about any inquiring tenants concerning the signing of rental or lease agreements?

It's possible that eviction proceedings had to be initiated because of a number of tenants who did not continue to conduct themselves in the same manner you perceived them at the time of the signing of the rental or leasing agreement.

Then you are faced with the unnecessary expense of lost rent, legal fees and the normal hassles of having to prepare the property for the next renter or leasers.

The evicted tenant then moves on to cause trouble in a new location while you are the one who has to clean up the mess from a negative physical and mental experience.

How much easier would it all have been if you could just have chosen the solid, stable tenants who applied instead of the deceiving troublemakers? Your destiny does not have to be constantly having to deal with Problem Tenants!


FACT # 1:

Everyone knows that "You Cannot Make The Best Decision About Anything Until You Have All The Facts !"

FACT # 2:

It has long been known that Tenant Applications generally count on things that can be altered and modified like references, credit reports, past residences and proof of employment.

FACT # 3:

The world is full of sharp, two-faced characters who can perform any type of "dog and pony show" necessary to get exactly what they want. We live in a world of "NO accountability" where people will say and do whatever it takes in a live interview to paint the image that will guarantee you will be thrilled to rent or lease your property to them.

FACT # 4:

You deserve to have an extra special access to knowledge about your potential applicant that cannot be rehearsed or fictionalized in order for you to make your final decision about welcoming him or her into your property's community.

FACT # 5:

  The United States Congress has proclaimed that any person's handwriting is public domain and can be used legally in any manner and for any purpose allowed by law.

FACT # 6:

Now you can have that extra special knowledge you need in selecting only the best candidates for tenants at your real estate property.

FACT # 7:

Cooksey & Associates has the perfect solution to help you make the RIGHT decision in selecting your future tenants.

We can make available to you a personalized handwriting analysis evaluation of each person who completes your rental or leasing application. Our professional report will outline and detail the personality traits and natural behavioral characteristics you can expect from your potential tenant.

After examining our graphological assessment of your rental or leasing candidate, you will be able to discern if he or she is reliable, honest, truthful, to be trusted, will value or destroy your property and most importantly, dangerous to you or other tenants on your property.

The knowledge gained from your professional handwriting analysis report will SAVE you TIME, MONEY and ENDLESS PROBLEMS with liars, deceivers and those with criminal tendencies who come in sheep's clothing to apply for residence into your property's community.

Cooksey & Associates can lower the odds of you signing a rental or leasing agreement with tomorrow's "Mr. or Mrs. Nightmare" or just someone who will take up half of your waking hours with demands, complaints and irrational behavior.

Will a future tenant cause damage to your property? Will he or she pay on time?

How much time or how much money do you have to spend fighting some joker you've evicted in court? Or how many weekends and nights do you miss doing what you want to do because of having to clean up and restore an apartment that was physically destroyed by some tenant you rented or leased to who seemed like such a nice person at the time the application was filled out?

You will be so glad you contacted Cooksey & Associates before one more "troublemaker" comes in to apply.

We can even customize our analysis report to be more effective as together we discuss specific needs your unique property may have that relates to the most desirable profile of the tenants you are seeking.

Don't let the value of your real estate investment be at risk because one more deceptive tenant has slipped through the cracks in the rental or leasing process.

Call Cooksey & Associates at 702-254-6092 for a free consultation in how we can help eliminate bad tenants from your property and from your life!

Our analysis fees start at $35.00 per potential tenant. That's quite a bargain considering the cost of one wrong decision in renting or leasing to "Mr. or Mrs. Nightmare".

Let us help you identify the potentially bad tenant before he or she become your neighbor and cast a dark cloud over your property.

It's a lot easier to stop problem tenants from moving in than to get them to move out. Call 702-254-6092 today !