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McDonalds is now a garage sale?

Coming from my nearby bank, I decided to get an afternoon snack at McDs. Knowing my wife would have supper on the table around six, I chose from the $1.00 menu and told the girl I wanted the DBL CheeseBurger and a small drink. That normally adds up to $2.00 plus tax. I put two one dollar bills and twenty-two cents on the counter.

She announced I owed $2.57.

"Must be a mistake," I said. That would be 57 cents tax on two one dollar items from the dollar menu. I asked her to check again.

She did and said it was now $2.50. Is this a flea market? I asked for the manager and Lawrence, the assistant, came over asking what the problem was. She said it was $2.50 and he said, "Right!".

I questioned him and they fiddled with the register and came up with $2.15.

By now, I was not hungry and had put my cash in my pocket and was headed out the door. The last thing the assistant manager hailed me with was...."Sir, do you want your order for $2.15?"...

How far down was he willing to bargain the price if I had stayed?

The prices are POSTED and should not change. THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW. These people were willing to take my extra 42 cents if I had not spoken up.

42 cents times 1000 orders is $420.00 and multiply that with a few extra cents by a hundred stores you get five extra grand a day just for pinching kids, moms and other suckers who just pay the extra because McDonald's makes up the price even when the real prices are POSTED for goodness sake!

And if you are going to train employees how to have customers bid on what they are willing to pay for an order, you need to get their con skills up to par.

Maybe if I had stayed, I could have made a deal for $1.96.

But it does take boldness to subtly tack on 42 cents per two dollar order. At an extra 22 cent overcharge on each dollar, a million dollar gross would profit corporate over $200,000.00.

No wonder you tell your customers that they deserve a break today. You just do not tell them that YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS GOING TO BREAK THEM by your extra con-job surcharge.

Maybe you need to have auctioneers taking orders at the cash registers. Congratulations on being number one at your customers' expense.

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