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The VegasWatchDog Review:

Vestal has a real chart-topper here with the lyrics and almost impossible to believe originality in the recording experiment that created "Do Unto Me". The only way to describe this genius is to paraphrase a quote by Einstein who asked how anyone could do the same thing the same way over and over and expect different results. Trust The VegasWatchDog, Vestal has peaked at such originality with this song that songsmiths decades from now will never understand why the public downloads garbage band junk when they could have owned Vestal Vintage with just a click of the mouse. Think just about the message in the title..."Do Unto Me" simple, how innocent and how subtle in words this expression is. But when Vestal puts his electromatic diatonic chromometer effects on the chorus, the listener's response to the subliminal frequency modulation would be easily worth the price of any double CD package of the most expensive band alive and we surely know who that is. The intro to this song slithers into the ear canal with trembling velocity to the degree that before one sound of lyric is echoed by Vestal, there is a neutron explosion in the right brain that left unattended could cause permanent damage in one being able to listen ever again to the day to day trash on the airwaves of so-so radio. The highlight of the song is the third time the title is repeated and a careful listener can detect the unique sound of Vestal's foot sliding once across the African Kalimba that is attached to his hi-hat cymbal also most notably used in Vestal's Indie classic treasured by thousands of his fans...of course, I am referring to his impecable "Who Dat" anthem being echoed by underground music lovers worldwide. The Kalimba is tuned to a standard Bb frequency which makes it almost impossible to conceive how Vestal could ever fit this one single sliding sound into a song with a different key register. After listening carefully to the last two measures of "Do Unto Me", The VegasWatchDog was able to detect by using un-back-masking software the soft persuasive sound of Vestal's voice under the music whispering, "Play me again." As the song ends, there is no wonder even the strongest willed person is taken over with that subliminal message and immediately requests that someone PLAY IT AGAIN. Genius is a light description of the mastery of songwriting and indie production possessed by Jimmie R. Vestal. Should you download this song?....only if you want to spend hours upon hours riding the waves of music the way it will be one day when musicians finally arrive at perfection.