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Identity Codes

Match the ID Codes given to you at the time The VEGAS PROFILER evaluated the meaning of each letter in your name with the ID Codes below to learn more about why people react as they do once they know your name and how they expect you to perform in daily situations.

NAME POWER POTENTIAL IS BASED ENTIRELY UPON EXTENSIVE RESEARCH ABOUT THE EVOLVED MEANINGS OF GRAPHIC DESIGNS AND SYMBOLS WHICH HAVE APPEARED IN HUNDREDS OF WRITTEN LANGUAGES FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS AS IT DIRECTLY RELATES TO THE ENGLISH ALPHABET LETTERS WE USE TODAY. All data has been carefully studied and compiled with great emphasis on what the original symbol was supposed to express and which part of the meaning has survived. Each ID Code description is written in a manner hopefully more user friendly for those who wish to apply this knowledge to their own lives in an effort to be better informed and as a resource for self-growth.

These ID Codes Are NOT Arranged In Alphabetical Order, But Are Randomly Placed So Each ID Code Interpretation Can Be Accepted For Its Individually Equal Importance. The Phonetic Order Of Certain Letter Combinations Such As Blends, Digraphs And Dipthongs Have A Tremendous Effect On The Definitive Meaning Pertaining To The Evolutionary Origin Of The Graphics And Artistic Designs We Now View As The 26 Letters Of The English Language Alphabet.

Of all the letters in the English alphabet, this one may give the impression to the whole world that you might have the power to become the protector of the universe. To others your words and actions show the promise of becoming weapons and sharp swords that cut away all unnecessary excess and cut off any non-productive branches from becoming any type of threat to the foundational resources upon which everyone in your circle of influence values as vital for perpetual existence. You need to assure those close to you that you are not a threat to their future and you will stand behind them in good times and in bad solidly and without adjudication.

BLUE 5 =
Infinity is your mental playground and the target of every idea or action you have ever conceived possible. When this alphabet letter pops up in a name, people are not surprised that you are stickler for details, details and more details about how your projections will outwardly and endlessly connect to the limitless depths of everyone else's wildest dreams. So carry proudly your eternal torch of infinite plans for exceptional achievements in order to reap the generous rewards that the world is begging you to receive as just a token of what they feel you are worth.

A tree that stands higher than any other tree in the forest is the image this letter paints of you. It must be pretty hard to have to such a gigantic standard to maintain by always being expected to be in full bloom shining forth as the world's flower of justice. Righteousness and uprightness symbolize the qualities you are perceived to possess since those who know you well hold you in such high esteem. Be careful not to disappoint admiring co-workers who could never be convinced you are anything but perfect.

You should be quite impressed that so many people feel you are the ultimate philosopher with a mission of spreading an understanding so clearly of the aspect of everything that is available to us in this world. You are continually expanding your message by daily unfolding new islands of thought in this turbulent sea of life. Like a mind stretching drug that has been prescribed to unleash brain busting concepts of wisdom, this alphabet letter in your name awards you the title of teacher and all others are intimidated to sit up straight and listen, hoping you don't call on them to explain this wealth of knowledge you have laid at their feet for consideration.

RED 6 =
You appear to be like a volcano when you explode outwardly with great enthusiasm unafraid to speak up even out of turn. It's obviously what the crowd wants, so on with the show. You just don't have to hold it in any longer. You fill the outside around you with exciting, opinionated statements. Others will ask you details about your involvement in being so outspoken and you can tell them that you always believe in letting it all puff out and fill the air with truth and reality. If you hold it in, you'll only confuse those who are sure they understand you from the letters in your name. So speak up and out!

Holding and hauling attach themselves to your name since this letter clearly draws to you those who want to put their trust in a person that can get the mail delivered on time. Your fans can think of no one else who could take possession of precious things and bring them to their proper point of journey's end. You are able, they think, to gather and hold external things and distribute these possessions wherever it they belong. To them you are a "take charge" and get it there type of individual loaded with dependability and guaranteed faithfulness. No body does it better than you.

Even if you did not try, you cannot help but make the impression that no matter what you do, you are going to leave your mark and your brand on everything you touch. This alphabet symbol in your name leaves no doubt to others that you have come to set the standard for measurements. The intimidation comes because you are viewed as all division being externally to serve your own purpose. You are so precise that people expect you to put your own mark on a ruler when sizing up a situation. You do not hide your goals or your motives as you seal and covenant all agreements openly with your public identity.

Your unproclaimed responsibility as the world sees it is to be a supportive person in good times and bad. Your radiant energy is expected to shine outside the candleís flame with almost an endless cycle of warmth and hope to all who see you as a lighthouse in a storm. The light you shed on everything and everyone around you presents the perfect model for a true learning experience. Your endless cycle image also has a profound effect on your career in that people are always commenting on the fact that you are constantly reinventing yourself periodically to stay at the head of the pack. Friends and enemies alike see this never ending show of success as the reason so many folks turn to you for wisdom and first class support.

Whether you have the ability or desire to be the boss or chief of the tribe, everyone else is completely sold on the fact "you are destined to be the big cheese". You are seen as the center of authority with high walls surrounding you as you designate daily activities rushing, reaching and radiating your power from high on top of your throne inside that imaginary fort everyone perceives you to call command headquarters. Just accept this position gracefully, because that would be easier than trying to convince your admirers that you really are not the leader they think you are.

Because this letter stands out so differently from the rest of the alphabet, you will always have a group of observers standing by to watch you as if you were a monkey in the zoo while you perform professionally and efficiently all the tasks with the greatest of ease. Part of the reason you are not bothered by them is because of your natural ability to not allow your inner consciousness to be attacked or even touched by anyone. Others imagine you have erected a protective shell or an actual physical copy of what gives you the ability to be so organized and complete in getting the job done right. They view your outer mechanical shell as being the real you. So you can have fun entertaining them at times by stepping out of character and just "going ape'. After all, like a cute little chimp, you are just copying for them the way they expect you to act.

Expectations are high when this letter is spotted in your name that you will be the voice of expression by giving life and substance to seemingly, meaningless topics and ideas that have been passed over because of the lack of focus and motivation found in the majority of those in the rank and file. As you encompass inwardly the magnitude of what is available just for the asking, you will be full of confidence and determination that the secret to success is given new life by magnifying the details.

BLUE 4 =
People get the idea you have circular thinking as you draw big time from deep inside life's well of wisdom. Your legendary talent to project to or from within a treasure chest of hidden knowledge amazes onlookers as you present a micro view of all the detail your discernment has revealed. But it is your continual probe into the depths of the encircling layers surrounding the onions of life that guarantees results people feel that can only get when you are the captain of the ship. Your track record proves you've already absorbed and dispatched unselfishly valuable knowledge to those in your realm of influence who were able to exceed all previously projected goals because of your excellent ability to see a situationís details in their infancy.

Prepare to make continual activity your lifestyle because this letter will convince those around you that you are like a fish darting through life's waters with zest and unpredictability. Your mental and physical internal connections are where your natural talent in bringing both ends of a situation into agreement with a peaceful and long-term bonding experience like joining together the morning and the afternoon by making the exact point of contact high noon. And this is not a one time event in that you complete one connection which simply leads to the next. The amazing thing is that you make it all look so easy which draws even more people to your side to partake of your continual display of being followed by new life.

RED 3 =
You are seen as the key source from within that produces new life by dividing and spreading the fruits of the harvest into perpetual regeneration. Perceived as wise as an owl, you are given the opportunity to adapt and modify your abilities into whatever form or shape you deem most suitable for success. Negotiation, compromise and diplomacy are the tools you use when turning chaos into milk and cookies. As flexible as a constant flow of water in all four seasons, your communication skills can change easily from a liquid to a solid to a vapor right before the eyes of those you are interacting with in business and personal affairs.

When this letter is included in a name, there is a power available, but with a heavy responsibility. Those viewing your name will be looking for strong speech and an iron hand in pointing the right way to get things done. You are expected to have a magic wand that gives you the power to direct and control animal instincts. With such an inner action bringing concepts to a common center, others are positive you should be in charge of designating solid ways that can make the learning process much more productive.

The commission that comes with this letter appoints you to place every situation in the palm of your open hand while embracing the shape of what you are holding as your hand molds a perfect likeness. Holding on by cupping what is in your palm means you are expected to blend in, modify or do whatever is necessary to create a familiar similarity that will bring peace and productivity to an otherwise anxious climate. This letter demands you aggressively compromise until all negotiators feel sides have become one in mind and spirit. Just like your palm, you should adapt your whole being to be like that which you hold in your hand and your heart.

Set your sights on reaching the top of the tallest mountain as this letter makes sure all eyes will be on you to be the instrument to complete the task at hand. You are perceived as the master binder and bonder. Expectations are for you to take what was originally broken from that which has always been most cherished and create again the wholeness which unifies hope for a more perfect world. At times you may have to use your creative vision to appraise the big picture with only the opportunity to view the situation through a porthole. The only option to heal that which has been damaged may be to constrict and totally break an imperfection so that you can live up to your title as the superior vessel for the completion process.

Your responsibility to point the way into existence and to be the one who expresses our being to the world lies on your shoulders as this letter commands everyone else to salute you in your mission. Although you may not feel the confidence others see in you, just reach out your hand of humanity into physical contact with the world's environment. Test the waters by allowing the deep thoughts of your personal inner identity to look straight down the length of your finger to the precise target at which your thoughts have been aimed. Prepare to let your mind be set free, but restrain from letting go until you are 100% positive the majority will personally profit from your disciplined release.

RED 5 =
Great expectations from others may challenge you to become the wall or fence that surrounds all that happens in your business and personal life. This alphabet letter initiates demands from friends and family that you become the one to cover important distinctions by setting perimeters and borders where no one or anything is to tread without your permission. Just as the peeling skin of the apple surrounds the seed that is expected to reproduce, people think you have been created to encompass the jewels of life and yet your purpose is doing no more or no less in carrying out this task.

This letter creates you as the cure for all fears. When those around you expect an attack physically, mentally or even spiritually, they know that you will step forward carrying a big stick producing extended actions that make the enemies keep their distance. Go ahead and except your role as the one to spring forth glowingly as a symbol of protection. Lift up your armor and your voice moving into battle. Shout loudly your name because even the enemy will recognize this special letter that guarantees a forceful response outside the gates once the alarm has been sounded.

It must be nice to surprise people everyday with a new unwrapping of another present that only displays another present to be unwrapped. This is the kind of expectation people have for those with this special letter as part of their name. Your actions to them should be like a multiplication table into infinity. Cycle after cycle of unfolding, rotating around an axis that creates a vibration up and down the spine giving way to the fact that sooner than later you are definitely going to come up with the square peg to fit in the round hole. Disappointment is not on the menu, because all perceive that you will never stop revealing one more golden surprise that will amaze the world.

RED 4 =
Everyone in this world needs connections, and because this letter appears in your name, they'll all be running to your door when they want to get hooked up with something important outside their realm of control. You are seen as the person who can frame the outer and inner parts together. People meeting you for the first time will expect you to have precise vision in connecting what's just a thought into a tangible reality in the physical world. Your talent they desire is not in physically making the tangible reality come to life by the work of your hands, but by making that connection as only you can by looking through a window and making contact visually with something that is on the other side of the glass. Many people think you are able to bring mind to matter in the same manner one would allow the thumb to reach out to almost touch each finger on a hand but focus only on the idea that the connection has clearly been made except for the minute action of actually making the skin to skin contact. Some people are only able to see through a glass darkly, while their conception of your ability is that you have even greater that 20/20 vision. Just your look makes things happen.

Knock! Knock! Who's there? It's you, of course. The world sees you as the ultimate tour guide pointing the way and opening one door that opens to another door that opens to another door. This letter screams out the news that you have the key that continually opens new opportunities for success. When their river of thoughts clogs up, they turn to you to redirect them to enter fresh streams and undiscovered tributaries where the soil is fertile and division repeatedly begets division leading to the promised land of their dreams.

BLUE 3 =
Dont be surprised when you are asked to carry the ball by yourself ten yards on fourth down. When friends and cohorts think of you, they are sure that "action speaks louder than words". To them you are like a camel that carries a heavy load through long stretches of dry desert to the next oasis. They can not imagine that you would not always be picking up one leg or one foot ready to go the next step of the journey to deliver the payload. Be prepared to be called on to show great endurance even beyond the call of duty. When someone looks at this letter in your name, it comes to mind that "you" would be the perfect person to break a Guinness Book World Record
Marathon. Also, you are perceived as someone who can keep things on track because everyone feels you hold the success of whatever is going on around you right in the palm of your hand.

People naturally choose you when there is need to distinguish something that is within from that which is without. It is accepted by all that your expertise in clearly making distinctions directly from the key source or point of origination does not allow individuals viewing the overall picture of two different, but complimentary identities separating from one point of creation to rush to judgment in assuming quality is lost at the initial division. In fact, by mastering your presentation of duality, you overshadow any doubt about your concern that you make everyone you interact with feel like part of your household and welcome in your business and personal abode when questions arise.

You are expected to be the strong force with the strength of a leader who refuses to budge from the position you've been assigned. People look to you to be first in line as a workhorse who does not know how to stop until the job is done. You are singularly expected to exhibit inclusive wisdom and to be the spark to start the race and keep the flame alive until the
high point of reaching the projected goal has been accomplished.