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The following face reading report was prepared by COOKSEY using only a small snapshot in which the head of the subject was only one inch square. Normally, COOKSEY requires the head to be at least a three inches square in a clear, high quality photo. If COOKSEY can give a report like the one below with such a small sample, think what he can do with a good pictures and a larger head shot. Contact COOKSEY today to have a face reading of yourself or someone you wish to learn more about for business and personal relationships.

The Revealing Face of a

Your forehead shows you to be a linear thinker. Step by step processing is your style. One of your most recognizable strengths is showcased when you learn something new and then you demonstrate that you can retain it practically forever.

Though mentally you are definitely a people orientated person who connects and relates best on a personal level, you also tend to evaluate things carefully and want to be right in your part of the final outcome of anything you are involved with yourself. You learn best by example. That is why you make sure you do your homework before passing judgment about making a commitment concerning your business dealings.

You are able to see the big picture but still maintain an even flow of thoughts in developing plans to accomplish your future goals.

You have an overall balanced view of life and tend to be objective most of the time. You are not easily discouraged and can be very resilient under stress. Deep within you is a perpetual concern about fairness and justice that you have never been able to ignore.

You have a balanced intimacy requirement in relationships. You like closeness, but you are also capable of acting independently with just as much self-satisfaction. Your face shows that you tend to keep your guard up and some people may even find you initially difficult to approach. But once you accept someone, you can be a most loyal friend, lover, spouse or supporter.

You are solid and dependable. Your step by step thinking process has kept you from being gullible. Checking and double checking, your business sense makes you able to extend trust to others only after they have passed all your tests and have met your approval.

However, inside of you since early childhood, you have a bold, expansive approach to life in general. This trait is exhibited even to the point of being so generous that you may throw caution to the wind. But again your linear thinking spares you the majority of the time from negative results. In all new projects you must be sure to set reasonable limits or you will be paying a heavy price.

You gather information rapidly. Your approach is to "do it now" because you want to see immediate results. You do not enjoy working with slow, analytical people who take a week to do what you can do in one hour.

At times you may feel a sensory overload from taking in too much at once. You should take the extra time necessary to do what you do naturally, process the information you've absorbed so quickly.

When you walk in a room your face grabs the attention of the crowd due to your facial bone structure. Some people perceive you as a courageous leader. Yet others for no apparent reason find you a threat and their jealousy will strike at you to turn off the spotlight cast upon you by the positive way you have been received by the majority of those present. It might be good at times for you to acknowledge even more than normal the contributions of others and you will find you will be better received by all.

You are definitely outgoing and expressive with lots of confidence. Being a objective listener, you can be a very clear, reflective mirror for others to use as an honest sounding board. In this role of being a counsellor, you are not judgmental when you listen to someone's story and prefer to wait until the end of the person's presentation before making your comments.

As always you are more concerned with the outcome of any experience and as a counsellor you realize that you cannot make a wise decision in giving advice without all the facts. You can be very persuasive in bringing the person over to your side of thinking that all things point to the final outcome and positive or negative results. You always stick to the facts and may once in while substitute fact for feeling in sensitive discussions because you dislike seeing people living a life of denial.

Unlike most Americans, you are very comfortable with your sensuality. You can be very assertive in problem solving and you have great perseverance powers in making personal relationships work.

On the other hand, you tend to be sensitive to certain types of criticism and take harsh statements directed towards your performance personal. You then become hard on yourself, thus slowing down your overall productivity.

You have compassion, sympathy, generosity and hospitality toward others. This is why you are even more popular in the hearts of those around you than you could possibly imagine. When it gets down to acting on something, you put other people FIRST.

You have a playful, good-natured approach to life and are thought of as a good sport. You are always there to lift others up and give much needed encouragement. This also causes people to respect you for standing behind them in tough times.

In analyzing different parts of your face, I kept seeing over and over a basic challenge that you can turn into a victory if you think before you speak or act. Beware not to let your tendency of wanting something fast and right now become a problem in working with others. who are not as flexible as you are.

( And if you now stop and ask someone if they have seen this trait in your everyday attitude and actions, they may not be 100% honest about telling you because you are a beloved friend and co-worker who has 100 positive points for every negative point and your real friends will not risk losing your compassionate, encouraging friendship just to identify something they would see as petty compared to all the multitude of great characteristics you display everyday. )

But because you are a person who is constantly seeking ways of self-improvement, be aware of unexpected situations that require you to guard against impatience created by your intelligent, quick mind. Remember, though you would prefer quick results from others, most times you yourself do not want to be rushed into making up your own mind. Just return to your step by step thinking and you will continue to maintain control over unexpected events in business and personal relationships.

Your overall life's focus is on status, luxury and quality. You want and deserve the best. You have the talents and dreams needed to reach your goals. But you cannot understand sometimes why the world can't catch up with your plans and your time schedule.

Simply put, you do not compete with other people or the world's systems. Your Olympic games are always played with your most challenging adversary: Yourself.

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Again with a limited sample of the executive's penmanship which included a signature and two brief sentences written in response to an employee's question about a business matter, Cooksey was still able to pick out key behaviorial personality traits.

You have a very positive outlook for the future.

You seem very satisfied with yourself and with your sexuality. In other words, your writing shows you are normal in your actions and responses according to the norm in acceptable behavior in our society.

Your writing points out specific signs of intelligence and speed of thought. Your head is not in the clouds. You have a vision of the future, but you have more focus on the task at hand.

You are surely an optimist. You want to communicate your identity to the rest of the world, but you do not see yourself as above others. Your self esteem and competence as seen by your own self is an accurate appraisal. You present yourself to others the same way you think of yourself.

You are responsible, competent, efficient and you present yourself that way to others. The world clearly understands that you know who you are and what you do because of the message you proclaim in word and deed.

You are sure of your abilities and can have people close or far away and still perform in an excellent manner. You are not controlled by those hanging around you or worried about what others think or do while out of your sight.

You have a good mental focus and are honest, forthright and show integrity in your personal and business lifestyle. When necessary you can be blunt and candid.

Your "Y"s reveal you to be a multi-responsive person. You show signs of unpredictability in that sometimes you respond to the same circumstance with the total independence of a loner, sometimes as a materialistic team player and sometimes with the grace and charm of a socialite who is acting as hostess of the big event of the year. During all of these different responses, you maintain the composure of a cool headed and balanced individual. This is a real talent in the business world always keeping everyone on their toes and trying to outguess your game plan. But you always hold he winning card and never fail unless you entertain doubt. Generally, you are right on top of everything and do not miss a detail in your quest to reach your goals.

You most seriously wish to communicate on every level of your life. But there are times you can tend to be impatient with a listener who doesn't immediately understand what you are trying to communicate.

You have an analytical mind. Your "S"s and "E"s reveal that you can become secretive without effort. But your loyalty to others shows commitment to stand behind your friends and family during a storm.

Your signature highlights your whole life in that you want to be identified as diplomatic, sharp as a tack and generous, but not in a subtle way.

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