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Looks like d

Overly sensitive & defensive

Like a fetus,

Needs attention

Like a dollar sign

Money conscious

Parents represent wealth

Looks like a stick

Easily bruised ego

Looks like Roman Numeral 1

Independent, Own opinions are #1

Upper loop only

Mom or female figure the strongest influence

Starts with dad (Like I do.)

Sees self differently from how others sees you.

Starts at bottom of "me" loop

Normal family life

Probably a two parent home

Lower loop only (Just the dad)

Mom image missing physically or emotionally

Male image the stronger influence

Small in stature

Modest & unassuming, not a strong self-image

Larger than the text

Large ego, ambitious, superior to others

Lowercase PPi

Low self-esteem

Large & also wide

Expansive open view of males in your life

Expansive open view of females in your life

Retraced, Narrow, Upper

Squeezes feelings about Mom into tight little packages you don't want to look at

You may blame Mom for separation physically or emotionally from Dad