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                    Handwriting Analyst Report for
                      Sylvia Disney on 06/19/2005

            Copyright 1986, 1999 by Michaels, Maze, & Hodos

                      Physical & Material Drives
     Sylvia is an intense person with a lot of vitality and a
zestful, exuberant attitude.  Her desire for physical and material
pleasure varies.  Sometimes she likes to eat gourmet foods or spend
time in luxurious surroundings, but she can take them or leave them. 
While she likes to be physically active, she is not too restless or

     Sylvia does not care about accumulating money or material
possessions.  There are more important things for her to worry about
than building her financial worth.  She is not able to hold onto her
money.  Whether or not she has a lot, it just seems to slip through
her fingers.  While she tends to be generous, she also tries not to
waste her resources. 

                       Emotional Characteristics
     Sylvia's mind is in control.  She believes in approaching all
situations in a rational way and doesn't allow herself to express
emotions, even when she is upset.  Moments of hate, love and joy
affect her deeply and continue to affect her after the experiences
have passed. 

     Sylvia tries to maintain an even emotional keel by not assuming
an overly optimistic or pessimistic attitude.  If provoked too many times she may want to fly off the handle when she becomes irritated over little things that go wrong. 

                          Intellectual Style
     Sylvia takes great pains to make sure that her thinking is
systematic and precise.  She tries hard to avoid mistakes.  She
depends on experience and stored knowledge to solve problems.  She
tries to find solutions by remembering what worked for her in the
past or by asking others what worked for them.  She will try to solve
problems by systematically evaluating information and developing new
problem-solving strategies.  Her step-by-step approach doesn't
prevent her from coming up with original solutions to problems. 

     Intuition plays a large part in Sylvia's thinking, but she uses
enough logic to produce continuity.  This versatility enables her to
see both the parts and the whole of a problem or situation. 
Sometimes she is cautious in her thinking and problem-solving
approach while at other times she jumps right in.  She likes to
exercise her imagination and develop innovative ideas.  She enjoys
activities which use her mind and challenge her intellectually. 
She appreciates elegant ideas which are profound and wide-reaching
in their implications for understanding herself and others.  She
notices details and pays attention to the particulars of an idea or
problem.  She believes that the details are important.  She uses her
intellect to stoutly defend her opinions in matters which are
important to her.  She will explore all possible avenues in order to
defend her point of view. 

                          Personality Traits
     Sylvia is modest and sticks to the basics without fanfare or
frills.  She can be very self-critical and blame herself for a
variety of shortcomings.  She seems to be afraid of failing and to
believe that she is not capable enough to accomplish what she sets
out to do.  Actually, she tends to be more capable than she gives
herself credit for, so factual information and positive feedback
about how well she is able to perform may help her succeed and
overcome her fear of failure.  She can invest a lot of energy in
thinking about her own problems and taking care of her needs.  She
likes to get the most she can out of whatever comes her way and
doesn't like to come up short. 

     Sylvia has an inclination to drag her feet and let things pile
up longer than they should.  She can be firm in her beliefs,
attitudes and modes of behavior, and she tries not to let her life
become cluttered with details.  Since her willpower is consistently
adequate, she is usually able to get herself to do the things which
need to be done. 

     Sylvia's behavior is steady, and she is not inconsistent in her
responses.  She is versatile and many-sided.  She is not rigid or
prescribed in her behavior.  She has carefully cultivated her sense
of taste and exercises good judgement in aesthetic matters.  She does
things her own way and is not afraid to try new experiences.  She is
progressive and action-oriented.  She values traditional ways.  She
may be less receptive to more progressive viewpoints in favor of
those perspectives which are approved by time.  She feels secure when
she knows what her limits are.  If her operational boundaries are
unclear, she will lack a sense of predictability and control, and
her level of insecurity will be higher. 

                            Social Behavior
     Sylvia doesn't like others to crowd her or encroach on her
space.  She feels uncomfortable when there are too many people
around her. 

     Sylvia knows when to be conversational, when to be quiet and
when something is better left unsaid.  She is discreet, tactful and
willing to respond openly and honestly when questioned.  She tries to
be clear in what she is saying because she wants to avoid
miscommunication and misunderstanding. 

     Sylvia's feelings may get hurt when her personal appearance is
criticized.  It may not be possible to tell when she is feeling let
down because she won't show it.  Instead, she will cover up her
feelings by looking as if everything is going along just fine. 
She may become upset when people cannot keep up with her and react
as quickly as she does.  She will take an active part in social
activities, whether that involves a central role or not.  She is
willing to become involved without requiring the spotlight. 

     Sylvia enjoys having a good discussion.  She doesn't usually
develop dependent social relationships.  Her independence allows her
to establish, maintain or break off contact when she chooses to. 

                        Vocational Implications
     Sylvia enjoys implementing or operating more than she enjoys
brainstorming.  Her greatest contribution probably lies in her
ability to carry out plans and take care of operations.  She bases
her decisions on facts and figures.  When making decisions, she sets
her emotions aside so that she can assess the information in an
objective manner and choose the most sensible course of action. 
She is able to jump into the middle of new projects.  It is not
important to her to be with the project from the beginning.  She
doesn't like to waste time, and she can become frustrated when
people are late for their appointments or when she is unable to be
efficient in her use of time.  She may become frustrated if she has
to perform timed tasks because she needs time to do her work the way
she would like to do it.  In order to feel that she has adequately
done her job, she needs to be both systematic and creative in her
approach.  She doesn't want to overlook anything, but she also likes
to find novel solutions.  She is very concerned about accuracy in her
work.  She would rather take the time to get it right than rush to
get it done quickly, but less accurately.  Because she has a lot of
energy which she channels into her work, she is able to accomplish
more than most people.  When necessary, she is able to work alone
with concentration and, in a group, she can be either a leader or a
follower, as appropriate.  She is willing to assume a variety of
group roles. 

     Sylvia is able to organize some of her work, but other areas can
be disorganized.  In any task she undertakes, she is careful to
systematically follow the proper procedures and take care of all the
details.  Her independence and openness to new experiences are useful
traits for occupations which offer possibilities for developing new
business ventures. 

     Sylvia is determined to hang in through the
longer, duller stretches of work, so she is good at following
through and completing projects. 

     Sylvia sets reasonable goals for herself so that she is sure she will be able
to reach them.  She feels most comfortable with goals which are
quick, easy and, above all, safe.  Once she decides to do something,
she goes after her objectives in a direct, focused manner.