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Personality Profile Traits and Characteristics

Personality Profile Traits and Characteristics
Mastering them as they apply to you is your key to the successful attainment of your own life-long achievements and goals.


00=   You do not like rigid systems. You are original in ideas and methods. You possess great imagination in and out of reality.

01=   Your good memory is one of your greatest assets. You are a quick learner. You prefer to work with proven methods.

02=   Your thinking processes are straight as an arrow. You follow a step by step pattern in finding solutions. You can retain knowledge for a very long time.

06=   You have great strength and power, much confidence in self, and not fearful when confronted with a challenge.

07=   You exhibit a very quick mind, tend to be impatient much of the time, feel fear and must guard against being controlled by feelings of danger and guilt.

08=   You are excellent at making peace in difficult situations. You have the ability to pursue goals and projects with tremendous tenacity.

09=   Being physically comfortable is important to you. You deal best with others in a person to person relationship. You love activities with groups and no one enjoys good food more than you.

10=   You are very selective and discriminating in making decisions. You prefer to wait and see before acting quickly. You like to apply things to a mental type of framework before taking action on any matter.

11=   As an informal, but mentally quick thinker, you naturally tend to have a "DO IT NOW" approach. In order to make sure that you get to express your own opinions, you may find yourself interrupting others.

12=   You just cannot help the fact that you always want to be RIGHT. You evaluate everything very carefully. You are not happy unless your desire to be mentally in control of all situations is being satisfied.

13=   You relate best on a personal level and you connect directly with individuals.

14=   Without all the facts, you refuse to make any important decision. Your logic and mental expertise give you an edge on dealing with others in a fair and balanced manner.

15=     You have difficult relaxing due to the fact that your brain never seems to stop thinking. Your powerful intellect demands that your mind runs non-stop 24 hours a day.

16=   You are one directional in your thought patterns. Your tendency to be overly concerned with the opinions of others works to slow you down in stressful situations.

20=   Your need for intimacy is much stronger than other people. You may insist on having a demanding bond with all of those involved with you in any kind of relationship you desire. You may find it hard to give your partner the private space needed to breathe.

21=   You are able to give and take in relationships by negotiating with others as to their needs and not just your own. You do not function well unless the enviornment is balanced and you are given the opportunity to act independently.

22=   Without your own personal area to exist, your relationships would all fold up. Your focus ability is so intense and extreme that you sometimes find it impossible to release one second of your thinking processes to try and appease even those you love and admire the most. You are only capable of intimacy when YOU are ready for it.

26= You have a workable, gentle disposition and are more tolerant than the average person.

27= You are more likely to be stressed out under the daily pressures ane most of those who know you believe you are a sensitive person.

28= Don't let sensitivity and critical situations stress you out. If you do, you will continue to deny youself that feeling of joy until you change.

29= Pull back to a quiet place and reflect on your actions. The daily grind and circumstances may have made you appear ill-natured, defensive and selfish to others. Acceptance, not denial will set you free to enjoy life.

30=   You are thought of as tolerant and one who is able to get over grudges.

31=   Your constant focus on details could make you appear tense and impatient.

32=   You have a very inspired imagination.

33=     Your nature is to expect that problems are going to happen. But your compassionate responses can be a great comfort to all those around you.

34=     You display an objective and balanced view towards most situations. You are resilient under stress.

35=   You enjoy to be included in the activities around you, but you dislike being interrupted.

36=   You are a cautious, observant, reflective and reserved individual.

40=   You want to have a major impact on situations and the lives of others. Your greatest desire may be for you to always be in a position of authority.

41=   You must be in control of your work enviornment and direct the priority and pace of all situations in order to be happy.

42=   You are an excellent performer in your efforts to get the job done. You are a hard worker. No one gets the job done as well as you do with your determination to finish what you have begun.

43=   As a good provider, you insist on supporting your loved ones financially and emotionally. You find it very easy to share all you have with those you love.

44=   Because you cannot help but be so independent, you seldom receive the support you deserve from others in your projects and goals. It may be that they feel you exhibit such strength that they do not think you will need any assistance from them.

50=   You are spontaneous and quite perky.

52=   Wisdom and common sense are key assets in your life.

53=   You may not believe something totally unless you are shown the facts beyond a shadow of doubt. You may tend to be suspicious and skeptical as you cautiously approach new ventures.

51=  Your curiosity about life and what lies behind each door of opportunity presented before you can cause you to make things very difficult for yourself. Think before you act and maybe get a second opinion before making a final decision on anything big.

54=  Earlier in your life you may have been deprived of things others had and it has caused you to perhaps feel that you must work harder than others to achieve the goals in your life.

55=   Your talents are shown greatly in being able to collect valuable things with a natural ability not found in others as you recognize quality. Financial security plays a big role in how you conduct your life. You have excellent potential for being an extremely rich person as you follow your natural instincts.

56=   You love beauty and the arts. You are very sensitive to the artistic displays in men's talents as well as those found in nature. You are most comfortable around those who are creative and have poetic vision.

70=   Others view you as conservative and thrifty.

71=    It is important that you set limits for yourself in how much of yourself you invest in projects and other people's lives.

72=   You are emotionally generous, but financially conservative. You freely will give advice and an encouraging word to one in need, but you might hold back when it comes to financial support.

73=   An energetic person well describes you as you run the race well, rarely slowing down to take a breather.

77=     Excellent analytical abilities dominate all of your decisions and involvement with others.

80=   You are very confident and expressive with a flair for "showing off" as a celebration of life.

81=   Being reserved and cautious, you look inwardly for answers in life.

82=   You are an optimist who only wants to hear the good stuff about someone. You screen out the negative and dwell on the positive information directed your way.

83= You are a reflective listener with an objective, straight viewpoint on life.

84=   You possibly mistrust what you are told and may expect criticism to be coming your way from numerous sources.

85=   You show that you have a great sense of humor.

86= You can be very persuasive. You have a great need to give love unconditionally.

87=   You are outspoken with feelings that can only be expressed verbally.

88=   You are very cool, reserved and mistrust flattery from anyone.

89=   You get exactly what you go after and can make others listen to you.

90=   You show great creativity and intellect. Your well developed mental abilities may make some people perceive you as a possible genius

91= As a quick thinker, you display good mental concentration and a disciplined mind.

92=   Nothing stands in your way.

93=   You are too hard on yourself in your efforts to become a perfectionist. Your focus on everything must be in its proper place.

98= You may have a tendency to divide the world into male and female roles. You have the ability to tactfully dominate the opposite gender.



A=   You are very assertive and persevere in all climates of personal and business life. Competiion inspires you to put everything in full gear.

B=     You are a good adversary and not easily intimidated.

C=     You can be very sensitive to criticism and you consider yourself non-competitive.

D=   You tend to avoid conflicts and do not wish to go into battle over something, as you prefer peace. You have very high ethical standards.

E=   You have a deep, compassionate concern for people in your daily life.

F=     You are focused on ideas and must stay in control of every situation; you tend to resist orders from others.

G=   You may be motivated by causes and ideas.

H=   You are loyal and commited to following ideals.

I=   You are not the aggressive type. You may lack confidence in your self worth. Seeking a compromise is a possible solution for you in finding more peace.

J=   You command respect with your appearance. You display powerful
symbols of authority wherever you go.


A=   You are very kind, receptive and generous.

B=   You have found it best to trust in self and learn best if it can be seen as well as heard.

C= You operate in the acceptable, established norm set by the society you live in.

D=     You have a unique outlook on life with tendencies of possibly becoming a rebel if the opportunity arises.

E=   Being an independent, non-conformist, you march to the sound of a different drum.

F=   You are generally willing to conform to social values. If you choose, you can follow instructions well.

G=   You are known as one who gathers info rapidly. You have a DO IT NOW approach. You refuse to wait very long for things to fall in place and you must see results quickly.

H=   You gather info carefully. Your DO IT RIGHT approach has helped you become a more patient listener as you are willing to have every piece of data available presented to you before making a final decision.

I= Your gift is to see and relate to both sides. You can express middle ground well.

1400-A=   You are a loyal and trusted friend who is smart to look over the situation before jumping in with both feet. Some may think you are slow, but you use disciplined wisdom in hesitating to begin the initial start of any project. You are more than happy to receive assistance from others at the appropriate time and you do your part to make the entire group succeed.

1400-B=     You enjoy assisting those who are a bit slower by volunteering to help them get things going and then working side by side until the project is up to your expectation productively. You do not need a committee report to turn the light switch on or off. Your attitude is "Just Do It". You are dependable and will provide a wealth of resources to all who need help and bring it to your attention. But most times you initiate the beginning of a job when it feels right for you. If someone offers a helping hand and it is one of those rare times when you may realize that you are in a pickle yourself, you wisely take the helping hand with gratitude.

1400-C=     You are not aware that you are unable to do anything. Your confidence and ability to spring back after the storm is equally high all the time. Jump in the pool and get wet RIGHT NOW is your motto. Because you are a take charge type of person, you want the actions to be quick, a lot of fun and to get results that are viewed by others as a product of your many talents.

150-A=     You have a natural gift of creativity that allows you to view new methods and ideas in ways that others could never dream about. But your desire is to have the world raise a flag of recognition for your every effort because you put your heart and soul into every thought and action. When your talents are involved in any project, you wish to be credited as the number one reason the job got done so well and received such wonderful raves from all who came to see the finished product. You do not appreciate others who have less creativity than you do to criticize the marvelous job you have done.

1500-B=   Personal power is displayed in every thought and action associated with you. You are a leader and no one is going to tell you differently or you will just "show them" personally. You do not ask who will be in charge because you know that only one person present is able to take on the responsibility of making every project successful. Energy flows from within you continually that results in getting goals achieved and winning the race that others could never win because they lacked your personal power.

1600-A=     You feel that much of your time is wasted on pure boredom because there is just so much to do and so little time to do it. Plus, folks cannot stay away from you due to your outstanding, likeable personality and ability to point out opportunities that most people would miss in life. Your focus is to explore new areas of each day in order to meet new people and have new experiences. Open minded and a spirit that is as free as a bird describe your friendly, positive attitude toward each minute of your life.

1600-B=   When you are put in charge of a moving train, you immediately put on the brakes until you examine the tracks up close. Yellow caution lights blink in your head night and day as you really wish to avoid new and unknown situations which could upset your apple cart in daily life. Skeptical and suspicious describe your response to any new ways or ideas about doing things differently from how they have been done for years. You are more peaceful when things are familiar and quiet. You prefer no distractions as you wish things would just keep going the same way day after day. Unexpected change is a nightmare to you and it might be best if you began to prepare for surprises in a change of your lifestyle by gaining more friends you feel are trustworthy.

1700-A=   Be sure that you don't just yak your life away by being a talker and not a person of action. This could cost you many opportunities that would better your life. Cut the amount of chatter and giving out more info than is necessary to get the job done. It is natural for you to take everything apart in your head and then put it all together in detail before taking action to accomplish the task at hand. You love details and collect an endless supply of data basically to please yourself. Cut to the chase when someone you are talking to starts to get nervous or you will lose the battle before it has begun.

1700-B=   Your time is valuable and you definitely want to cut to the chase at every opportunity. Acting on the spot is natural to you as you are directed more inwardly than most folks. The least info given you, the better. You make most decisions from a gut feeling that has paid off for you over the years. However, there are times when you have not heeded warnings and found yourself jumping to conclusions and revealing your impulsivenss in situations that are not to your benefit. Take time to listen and the response you get from others will be much more friendly.

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