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By Bill Cooksey, Copyright 2006

You can download the song and sing the lyrics now as it plays.
Click Here To Download The Demo Of "Teach Somebody To Read":

Verse #1.
A little 3 year old climbed up on Father's lap
Gave him a big kiss on his cheek,
He saw the love in her eyes
And he held her tightly
As she began to speak,
"Daddy, Daddy, today I really missed you."
She said with her adoring look,
"All day long I've been waiting to ask you to read me,
A story from my Mother Goose book."

She opened up to the page about Little Miss Muffet.
She said, " Daddy, what do these words say?"
"Honey, Daddy's so tired, let's just look at the pictures.
It's been such a long, long day."
"Oh, Daddy, please read me just one story,
Before Mama comes to put me to bed."
"Oh, Honey, you're just a sweet girl,
Let's go to the kitchen,
And have a bowl of ice cream instead."

*** He couldn't read.........Nobody knew
What a struggle he had to get by his whole life through.
He hid his secret well.
At his job he worked hard.
But he couldn't enjoy a newpaper or a book
Or read a birthday card.


So if you want your life to count as something special

Then help someone else succeed,

Why don't you share a few moments each and every day,

Just to teach somebody to read


VERSE # 2.

At 3:15 the clock alarm goes off,
A teenage Mom begins to stir around,
She knows she only has an hour to get the baby to Day Care,
And catch the bus to her job downtown,
"Mommy, Mommy, why do you have to go to work?"
The baby cries as they go out the door,
It breaks her heart to have to leave her little boy all day,
But she'll call and check on him at four.

After working eight hours she rushes to a phone,
To make sure her baby's alright,
Then it's off to the bus stop to reach her second work place,
She won't be home till ten tonight,
"Oh, Dear God," she prays closing her eyes on the bus ride,
"How much longer can I go on this way?"
"My son deserves a better life and future than this,
When he grows up someday."

***She cannot read....Enough to understand
All the technical skills a new position at work would demand,
She had to quit school before...her baby did arrive, Now she has to work two jobs every day
Just so they can survive.

CHORUS AGAIN: ================================================

VERSE # 3.
It was already dark when Johnny finally came home,
He was late for supper again,
His angry mother demanded a good ex-plan-a-tion,
He only said...he was with a friend,
"Johnny, Johnny, this is the third time this week
You've done this very same kind of thing,
So after he ate, Mom sent him straight to bed,
Then she heard the door bell ring.

Standing on the porch with a freshly baked pie,
An Asian lady wore a great big smile.
She said, "You must be Johnny's Mother,
He's our family's hero,
I know you are just so proud of your child.
"Thank you, thank you, for letting Johnny come over,
To our house every afternoon,
He's been helping our family learn your alphabet,
We'll be able to read words soon.

*** They cannot read....The language of their new land
But they're determined to improve their lives
Every way they can,
The actions of one boy,
Who has a caring heart,
Will get this new American Family
Off to a good start,

CHORUS (twice and OUT) =====================================================